Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Harrowmark Run, Part 3

Field of Blood

Karol had returned from his scouting, announcing he had located the crash site but that enemy forces were converging on it.

The Gilded Hand managed to steal a march on them. The Venithyan Marksmen and Fancy Fencers were advaincing in two neat lines, ready to support each other, either flanks protected by Kalyustar and Karol.

The unruly ranks of the Ogresuns came forward shouting, while the Ordeshal Host silently drifted out from the Charybdris Occulum.

Kalyustar ordered the infantry forward onto the crash site, while Karol spurred his steed to intercept Lyrd Radclyffe and his squire.

With astonishing speed, the Ogresuns closed on the Free Companies, their charge hailed by Antonius' drum and Esteban's pipe. A vicious fight erupted, the Free Companies fighting as one but unable to withstand the expert cuts of Salty Ogbad.

Kalyustar threw all the wyrd-gold he had left at the men, but not even this was enough to keep them in the fight. Summoning forth magic bolts, the wizard charged forth. It won't be a bunch of savages to stop him from claiming the Realmstone.

Suddenly, a howling announced Lyrd Radclyffe had drove over Karol. The ghostly riders smashed into the orruks, dispersing them and preparing to close on Kalyustar.

Badly wounded, Kalyustar drew on the powers he had snatched from the magical hurricane. Whatever was left of Radclyffe's squire's soul restored the wizard's forces. He made for the center of the crash site, where Lyrd Radclyffe finally cought up with him.

A flicker of Kalyustar's fingers and the rider transmuted into gold. There was no trace of Realmstone and the White Lady, having dealt with the rearmost Ogresuns was fast approaching. Knowing that prudence was the best part of courage, Kalyustar grabbed what looked like the ship diary and a golden trinket and spurred his horse away.

The power from the hurricane was indeed great, and had won him the day. Yet Kalyustar couldn't shake from himself the feeling of smething wrong, as the bitter smell of the hexwraith he had siphoned onto himself still lingered around him.

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