Friday, 3 February 2017

The Cult of the Divine Illumination

The Cult of the Divine Illumination is an unsanctioned sect active in Mancunius Dome. Founded by High Magister Jacob, it accepts converts from all Houses. Surprisingly, upon joining the Cult as Initiates, hunderhivers forgo all their previous loyalties, leaving their former House's territories and moving into those the Cult has been seizing through mass-convertions, bribery and all-out gang warfare. They speak of a Master that will deliver them from the darkness of the Underhive and will usher in a new era of prosperity. Notorius hired guns like stone-cold Angel Eye, Nobody the derenged Ratskin, Yago the Pyromancer and grizzled drunkard J.J. regularly fight at their side. The eyes of the Inquisition have already turned onto the Cult and its associates. Could the Master be yet another guise of the misterious Guardian?

This was a project I finished some time ago and I'm now going to dust off for the Guardian's Network campaing.
They started as a Necromunda Gang, complete with objective markers and alternate builds for the Heavies. All of them were done using the Catachan Command Squad, the Cadian Infantry Squad and the Empire Flagellants, plus assorted bits and a touch of green stuff.

Magister Jacob, Leader

Deacon Steven, Heavy

Deacon Martin, Heavy

Brothers Michael and Jude, Gangers with lasgun

Brothers Marc and Peter, Gangers with autoguns

Brothers Karl and Simon, Gangers with close combat weapons

Initiates Lu and Tim, Juves

Yago, Wyrd Pyromancer

J.J., Hive Scum

Angel Eye, Bounty Hunter

Nobody, Ratskin Scout

Water Still and Loot Counters

From the beginning I was planning to use them as Astra Militarum in regular 40k, so the Juves and Heavies with Heavy weapons were modelled to form a vignette once put onto a 60mm base.

The rest of the models were assembled so that I could deploy a Company Command and two Veteran Squads, with the Hired Guns acting as unit leaders and Regimental Advisors.

Then I started adding support, in the shape of a Scout Sentinel Squadron converted to represent industrial vehicles.

The Demolition Crew

And finally, a Chimera to act as mobile temple for this mysterious cult, spreading quickly through Mancunius Dome.

The Temple of Illumination

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