Sunday, 20 November 2016

Hallow'd Ground - Game 4

The Haunted Mansion

It had taken Lothar the rest of the night and a good part of the following day to regroup the scattered survivors of the debacle at Deathwatch Manor and rejoin with the rest of the Church. Luckily, they had found a minor Realmgate that, according to the ancient tome, would have led them to the Necomancer's Mansion. The travel had been difficult and they had lost Pieter von Toorn along the way, but they had finally made it to their destination.

The Church filed out of the Realmgate, weapons at the ready. To their dismay, whatever the orruk shaman had found inside Deathwatch Manor had put the greenskinz on the right track.

From the platform of a Dreadfire Portal, the shaman spurred the orruks forth, chanting his praises to Gorkamorka.

In response to the orruk's chants, green flames billowed forth and enveloped Sigmar's Hound and Avram.

Bellowing with joy at the sight of the roasted gryphs, the entire orruk warband stomped forward. Yet, as they approached the Mansion, the Black Orcs halted wearily. The foreboding building was suffused with such a dreadful aura that even the brainless greenskinz thought twice before charging headlong through it.

That was all good, as the orruks' hesitation meant they were now exposed to a charge. Sharpbeak and the surviving Sigmar's Hound darted forward, the Militia and Lothar hot on Sharpbeak's trail. Gunshots and arrows whistled past the Gryph Hound and felled one of the Black Orcs.

Avram dared again the Realmgate, reappearing, as he had hoped, close to the Dreadfire Portal. The shaman had to pay for setting his beard aflame.

But then, a sudden squall of rain battered the area, making any charge impossible.
As the rain passed away and the orruks started their waaagh! cries, the surviving Hound cried out a warning as the first Deadwalker lumbered close. Friederik quickly put it down with a well aimed pistol shot.

Then the orruks charged forward, cutting down both Gryph Hounds.

Rotten shutters burst off their hinges as Deadwalkers poured out of the Mansion and onto the courtyard.

As one, the entire Church charged, Avram seeking revenge on the shaman and Friederik engaging the boyz that had felled his last Hound.

The combats were brutal, with casualties on both sides, and as blood poured forth more Deadwalkers came like moats to a flame.

The combats turned into gruelling affairs as the zombies clawed and bite at both orruks and men.

Avram cast down the shaman from the Dreadfire Portal, sending the grot attendant into a screaming flight.

But that was not enough. Trapped between the Black Orcs and the Deadwalkers, Lothar had lost the support of the Militia. As he prepared to fall at the hands of the orruk warboss, a chill wind blew from the Mansion and a hunchbacked figure appeared on the Mansion's balcony.

"Cursed you all!" screeched the owner of the Mansion "You and your puny gods! There's a price for interfering with Nagash's will, a blood price! Pay it, or perish!"
With these words, the Necromancer turned into a purple mist and drifted away.

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