Monday, 7 November 2016

Hallow'd Ground - Game 2

The Dark Forest

It had taken days, but finally Ludvig Mannhaft had located a few desperate inhabitants of Wortbad. Holed up in decrepit houses festooned with fetishes and other wards against the evils of that accursed land, they barely ventured out, but allowed the seasoned Witch Hunter in. Then they told him of the Baleful Realmgate at the heart of the Forest of Tears, and of how, ever since the Deadwalkers appeared, it had pulsed with unusual energy. Was it possible that the Curse of Undeath was pouring in from the Gate?

Once he received Ludvig's report, Lothar did not waste any time and took most of the Church of Sigmar's Retribution to investigate the Forest of Tears. He was personally leading the Militia towards the Forest's deepest corners, while Wilhelm and the Penitent Brotherhood started searching at its edges.

Meanwhile, Friederik Abscheu let loose Sigmar's Hounds and followed them as they tracked something in a pumpkin field at the edge of the Forest.

Suddenly, the air was filled with groans, raucous shouting and the din of combat. The wretched orruks, again intent on the only thing they knew how to do, killing the first thing in sight. They were doing well in smashing zombies, but they could interfere with the Church's search, thought Lothar. As if Sigmar had decided to mock him, the orruk Shaman walked out of a cemetery and blasted green fires at Sigmar's Hounds.

Then quarrels whistled all around the Militia and the foetid Troggoth the orruks always took with them came bellowing forward.

Blood was spilt and the dead rose again, clawing their way out of the earth around the orruk shaman and his grot assistant.

Lothar and Wilhelm joined the fray and felled the Troggoth, only to be surrounded by the orruk, their crossbows at the ready.

The Warboss run past the screeching Sharpbeak and slammed onto the Penitent Brotherhood, hacking them left and right.

The orruks let loose another hail of quarrels and then charged in. They quickly dispatched the few remaining militiamen, but the Priests valiantly hold them.

Chanting praises to Gorkamorka, the shaman was cutting down Deadwalkers as quickly as they reached for him. Yet, there seemed to be no end to their numbers.

The Penitent Brotherhood reacted with their usual fury at the martyrdom of their companions and pummelled the Warboss. The brute shrugged off most of the blows.

As more Deadwalkers started to appear around the embattled warbands, Sigmar's Hound unearthed something in the pumpkin field.

Friederik run to his beloved griffins. Had they found the source of the Curse and secured it for the Church of Sigmar's Retribution to destroy it?

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  1. Great report Viktor!
    I'm enjoying this campaign so much - can't wait for the next game. :D