Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Silver Tower - Tzaangors

Although slowly, work on the Silver Tower models goes ahead. Over the past few weeks I've painted the Tzaangors.

I really like these models, so I decided not to convert them. I also really like the textbook blues-ish skin. However, I don't particularly like the 'eavy Metal choice of colour for the armour. The hue of blue they've used for it doesn't contrast well enough with the skin. That's way I've decided to paint the armour in the same purple I've used on my 40k Chaos Renegades. I knew blue and purple contrasted well, plus, who knows, I might be able to use the Tzaangors in 40k games too! After all, the Tzaangors first featured in "The Lost of the Damned" as servants of the Thousands Sons, so there's hope they'll feature in the coming 40k supplement for them. In any case, they might do for some characterful daemons.

Just like for the heroes I've already painted, I've used the Sahttered Dominion bases. This time, again to contrast the different parts of the models, I've swapped the blue on the tilework for yellow. The green-yellow really makes the Tzaangors pop out and it still matches some of the Silver Tower boards.

I've used yellows and greens again on details like feathers, gems and loincloths, but kept the purple for the mane of the model with shield.

I imagined the tentacles on the model with two axes to be covered in a tiny layer of ooze, so I gave them a coat of gloss paint.

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